Essay about I 'm Not Even Eighteen

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Entering into this semester I was under the impression I was far too young to understand love and relationships. What could I truly know? Am I even ready anytime soon to take a leap of faith and submerge myself into a committed relationship? My relationships could rarely last longer than a couple months. My response many times in class was, “I’m not even eighteen”. However I realized after a few weeks, I was being naive. I began each assignment thinking the faster I get this done the more time I have to workout or watch Netflix, but soon I found myself working on my interviews and papers for hours, as I was intrigued by my participants answers and the copious amount of information that pertained to my life. This class wasn’t forcing me into marriage, but forcing me to understand myself and realize why many times my relationships ended in turmoil.
Throughout the interviews it was intriguing to see how each participant viewed relationships and different aspects of relationships through a completely different scopes. The greatest lessons and the most repetitive themes throughout this semester and the MRIA interviews were communication, compromise and sacrifice, three very important key concepts in a lasting relationship. Compiled are the many similar responses from each interview. “When being single you have, the ability to be selfish”, however when being single, “often times you lack a really deep emotional connection.” “I expect marriage to take a lot of compromise and as…

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