I 'm Good, How You Have Scoliosis And We Need For Schedule Surgery Right Away

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“You have scoliosis and we need to schedule surgery right away.” I remember hearing the doctor say. A month prior to the doctor appointment that changed my life forever it was a clear and hot day in August whenever I went to the pediatrician for my yearly checkup. We went through the check in process and finally it was my time to go back. “Kassie Butler. Hi, how are you? The nurse asked me. “I’m good, how are you?” “I’m great, step up on the scale so we can get your height and weight. Once all the basic stuff was done, more waiting. We went into my room and patiently waiting for my doctor to come see me. She finally arrived and went through all the basic stuff: my age, how I was feeling, temperature, ect. “Okay Kassie, now I need you to bend over forward and touch your toes.” I did just that and in that moment I knew something was wrong. I heard my mom gasp from the other side of the room. My back was arched and one side was raised up much higher than the other. Dr. Nelson then started speaking to my mother in a subtle and hushed tone. They finally finished talking and I could tell my mother was almost to the point of tears so I wanted to know what was going on. Then Dr. Nelson told me that I was having to go to another doctor to get a few x-rays done to check out what was going on inside of my body. A little over a month later it was time for that appointment. My mom and dad came and checked me out of school and we took a long drive to…

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