I 'm A Big Guy Like You Does Need For Water It Down Essay

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“You know jungle juice,” Adil said, after not getting a reaction out of Michael. “They get a large container and fill it with some cheap juice or fruit punch, then pour a bottle of this stuff in it. Gets the whole room lit up for like twenty bucks. It’s the only way people can handle this stuff.” Michael picked up the bottle and spun off the cap. He then took a long belt from it with not so much as even flinching. “Whoa,” Adil said, astonished. “I guess a big guy like you does need to water it down, huh?” “Evan Dunlap,” Michael responded, with a voice so heavy and powerful that it shook Adil to his core. “E-Evan Dunlap?” Adil asked bewildered. “Where?” Michael asked. “I… I… don’t know no any, Evan Dunlap.” Michael reached out and grabbed Adil spinning him around and slamming him down on the counter face up, the sheer force of the assault practically knocking the wind out of Adil’s lungs. He then took the potent vodka and began pouring it all over Adil. The alcohol went to work instantly stinging Adil’s eyes before traveling up his nostrils and down his throat burning a path over the sensitive tissue of his esophagus. “Aw-uh!” Adil screamed as he tried to shake himself loose of Michael’s grip. “Okay! Okay, okay, okay,” he cried out. “I’ll talk.” Michael let go of him and Adil shot up from the counter quickly backing away from Michael as far as he could. “I don’t know where Evan is, honest,” he said holding up his hands for mercy. “But I might know where you can find…

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