Craig And Tweek: A Short Story

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I’ve been spending most of my time with Craig, now that Kenny and Tweek are constantly together. Craig and I were sitting on my bed while he was smoking another cigarette. Bebe’s parents went on another vacation and trusted their daughter.
“I don’t want to see those people, even if it’s to get fucking smashed. I’m not feeling great.” Craig drawled as he blew smoke from his mouth.
I shook my head in agreement. The rumor mill around school is that literally everyone at South Park High was going. Kenny even talked Tweek into it. Being the head cheerleader and unspoken queen of the school, everyone flocked towards her.
“Why doesn’t Kenny just give us the beer?” Craig thought aloud. “He has all that money suddenly and slides right up to Bebe…”
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Craig stayed at my house the whole weekend, nothing new just that I didn’t expect him to. That next Tweek panicked and Craig had to half explain what we think happened to him. Tweek is the worst person to get drugged out of our group. Tweek’s a paranoid mess. Craig and I picked him up today for school, he texted Craig that he doesn’t trust walking by himself now.
“Have you talked to Ken?” I tried making small talk as we cruised towards an eight hour shift.
“Y-yeah.” Tweek stuttered while he was fixated on smoothing out his hair.
Craig took over as I focused on the road. “What did he say?”
“Just that he fucked up.” I could tell that Tweek was hurt by his tone.
After we parked in my designated spot, Kenny jogged to us after talking to Kyle in the middle of the road.
I hadn’t seen Kenny since before that party where half of the teenagers in South Park got caught. He met up with us in the parking lot before we all had to go in for another shitty day of school. He face was more beaten up, he should have tried to at least cover up some of the bruises.
We all stepped out of the car to start walking to the building.
“You looked fucked up.” Craig pointed out as Tweek saddled almost too closely to

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