Essay on I Will Not Be Making This Hire

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Major Decision
I will not be making this hire. For the past five weeks we have been pondering the issue brought to us called, “The Problem.” We, as a class explored the idea of this new hire. Beginnig this process of being aware of my core values, I see how making this decision is of no easy task. In making the decisions I have accessed my core values. In my core values I began by asking myself a series of questions. 1. If I hire this person will they be truthful with our company? If I do not hire this person will we miss the opportunity to improve sales, and will I miss the opportunity to invest in this mans life in a meaningful way? 2. What advice is right for me in the decision making process? 3. What is the next step? 4. If this person will take information from another company and share it with our company, what information will he steel to give to his next employer?
My ultimeate reasons for not hiring this individual. The first thing is that dishonesty does not fly, if you cannot be successful and be honest there is no need to be successful. Being a person of integrity is of value and keeps me a float when other things are not able to sustain my positions. Secondly, although my life situation of having children in college is pressing, I need to place my feelings of urgency to the side. “What Is Important Is Seldom Urgent and What Is Urgent Is Seldom Important.” (Dwight D. Eisenhower) In my core I began to see quickly that this candidate was not the right fit for our…

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