I Will Die At Beauty Essay

745 Words Oct 10th, 2014 3 Pages
I will die in beauty. I remember reaching to the light, my sisters and brothers encouraging me along. It was long ago. A distant memory. Now I wonder if it was worth it but back then it, meant everything. I came from a dark grimy place. Day after day I could see nothing but black encompassing darkness. It was cold, rough and scary. In hush whispered terms brother spoke of a different world, a faraway place, where the darkness couldn’t reach us. Back then I thought it was just a fairytale. I never believed I would someday be a part of that world, that glorious, radiant, dangerous world.
My brothers went first. They said they couldn’t take a second longer in this darkness. They said they were going to try to find the far away place. I thought it was a joke, all us girls did. There was no escape. We were stuck in the hard cold world we were born to. My brothers paid no attention to our doubts and trained vigorously. Slowly they started to grow bigger and larger. My sisters and I become afraid. Our brothers were becoming the size of our house. We begged and pleaded for them to stop but it was to no avail with a mighty push our brothers tore through the roof and continued expanding. My brothers were one step closer to fleeing the darkness.
When I could no longer see the top of our brother’s long thin figure, my sisters and I feared the worst. We cried for many days and mourned our dear brother’s loss to the darkness. A month later a message descended down to us. It told us…

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