I Will And I Can Do We Use Computer During Class? Essay

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I will and I can, and appreciate it. I appreciate what I have now. However, sometimes I complain, upset, sad, and emotional daily routine. Last one year was very emotional from my job. The company announced the manufacturing will close end of November 2015. Everyone worry about after the end of November 2015. This is one year ago. I was one of them however, I started new chapter as a ICC student. My first semester and my first class was Dr. Aitken’s class English 110 on August 16, 2016. There are computers every on the desk. In my mind was “ Really? Do we use computer during class?” I can use the computer but I am old school. I expected to use text, note, pencil and dictionary. I should have known that because my children used computers even when they were primary school. I was looking in the classroom and “Where should I sit?” I decided second row by the wall on my left side. It feels safe by the wall even Dr.Aitken mentioned too during class. It it true. I sit by the wall on my left side about two months. Actually, I sit almost same spot the other class too. Only I don’t accept that chairs. Some chairs were really uncomfortable. First day was full of students in this class and I wonder where are they now? If I start class or even some activities I don’t want to quit or stop. It feels stuck something like constipation. I do sometimes half way but I will come back and finish that. You never know until you finish anything. Like when you go to hiking…

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