I Was Sick A Dad Essay

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When I was little I was sick a lot; my mom always took care of me and she did her best being a single mom with two kids and a job that doesn’t pay so well. She was a security guard at a high school, back then they didn’t get paid as well as they do now. (Especially with two little kids, house payments, car payment, making sure there was always food in the house, clothes we needed and things for school.) The typical things people need to live of course and she always did her best. To me she was my mom, my best friend, my nurse, a helping hand, my hero. I always looked up to her, not only because she was my mom but because she always tried to make the best out of a situation (like problems with my dad) no matter how difficult.
When I was younger I had a lot of problems I had asthma, hearing problems, just sick because I guess my immune system wasn’t as good as other kids were my age. I had to get tubes in my ears twice so I could hear and learn and talk properly and I know that had to be expensive but she got it done. My mom always took care of me and made sure I had the medicine I needed and made sure I’d get better. The pharmacy we had to go quite often to pick up our medicine was in the center on the town I believe; I’m not sure what it was called I was too little to remember but we would go there to pick up my medicine and while we would wait my brother Troy and I would walk around the little store looking at all the cool random stuff they had and as kids do play games…

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