Essay on I Was An After School Club

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I was about to go to an after school club, when suddenly I remembered that my music teacher said I could come to earn my "Rainbow Belt" for the recorder. No one else in my grade had it yet. No one was even close, except for my best friend. He didn 't know what I was about to do. I ran down the hallway with my recorder. Looking back, I 'm not sure whether it was the need to be the first, or that I loved playing my recorder. It was probably both.

Later, I walked into the club, proudly displaying my rainbow belt. I saw the jealousy on my friends face. As the year progressed, our teacher had to invent new belts for us, we 'd surpassed all of her previous students.

My mother reminds me all the time about how much I loved that recorder. I brought it everywhere. I played it for everyone I knew. I even brought it into the eyeglass store when my sister went to pick out her new glasses, and played “Amazing Grace” for the owner.

At the end of second grade, my music teacher talked to our grade about joining orchestra. Third grade was when we 'd be able to start playing an instrument in the school ensemble. I saw the instruments, I said to a friend that the cello looked cool. The boy behind me said, "You can 't play that, cello is a boy instrument". I made up my mind right then and there that I was going to play the cello.

We started the year with over 30 students. However, one by one they dropped out because our orchestra teacher scared them away. He was the high school teacher…

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