I Want To Become A Doctor

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There are many instances in my life during which I thought to myself “this is why I want to become a doctor.” However, there are only a few moments where I have thought to myself “this is why I will become a doctor.” Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to become a doctor. Although I cannot pinpoint the exact time when this idea was born, I can say that it has stuck with me for a majority of my life.
While shadowing at hospitals and physical therapy clinics, I always felt that working in the healthcare environment would be a good fit for me. Seeing the doctors and patients interact taught me many lessons that I plan on utilizing in the future. One such incident occurred two years ago when I was shadowing Dr. Sadia Rehman at the Cooper University Healthcare Clinic. A patient arrived complaining about a foot problem, and the doctor proceeded to examine him. She asked him several questions regarding the pain, moved his foot around, and went on to give him the proper brace that he needed. It seemed like a very ordinary procedure that I am sure many people have been through. As he was about to leave, the patient mentioned how surprised he was that the doctor touched his foot. He stated, “the previous doctor who checked it did not even touch my foot. I feel so much more at ease
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My background in shadowing and research has allowed me see the path that I wish to take in the future. I hope to one day treat patients with the same procedure with which I would like to be treated. To me, being a doctor isn’t simply about diagnosing one patient and moving on to the next. It is about building a connection or a bond with a person in order to help them. I know that I will be able to use the lessons that I have learned in the future regardless of what I

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