I Think About The Person I Was A Year Ago Essay examples

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When I think about the person I was a year ago, I notice there are enough differences to know that I am not the same now as I was then. However, I have not changed completly and theres much in which remains the same. I still have the same music taste, go to church, still in college, still single, and still live at home with my mom. For the most part my interests remain the same. However I 've had a change in habbit. I 'm not a big spender anymore, I don 't have the energy or interest to go out every weekend like I did a year ago. Sometimes I just want to stay home and watch Netflix and cuddle with my pitbull. The major difference I 've noticed is that I 'm more relaxed now. I don 't over think as much or let things bother me as much. I quit obsessing over why I 'm single and am content where I 'm at in life. Five years ago it was just the opposite of everything I just mentioned. I was not relaxed and I was quite immature. I cared too much what people thought of me. In the ways I am now compared to five years ago, the similarities are slim to none. Besides the same hair style I 've had for the past 5 years not much has remained. I feel like I 've always been a caring person and at times have cared more than I should, but over time and maturing as a person my emotions and the way I care has changed for the better. Ten years ago when I was eleven I was an awkward girl. I didn 't really have friends and I was way too sensitive. I 've really come a long way since then because now…

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