Essay on I Sit On Erin 's Bed

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I sit on Erin 's bed next to Petunia the cat. Petunia is probably my favorite Augustine cat although it 's just so hard to pick favorites. She has the cutest orange and black pattern. Not that Charlie and Rosie aren 't cute but they 're both so mean to Petunia, she 's old and weak and her purr is the most adorable noise and she never tries to hurt them but they always attack her. The only sound is the sound of Erin typing on her computer. Our paper is due tomorrow and neither of us have started, as usual, but the difference is she always gets them done, me? not so much. I definitely have to get this one in on time though and hopefully I 'll get a good grade. Erin says she still has work to do after she 's done with the paper, mandarin work. I wish that I took mandarin when I first came to friends select in seventh grade but I figured I might as well stick to spanish, it seemed like it would be the easiest and I took spanish at my old school with Ms. Kim. I never actually learned anything in that class, we would just play spanish bingo most of the time so I only learned words like milk and bread and cheese. Ms. Kim left the school though when we got to 5th grade to work full time at a funeral home. I think it 's the funeral home we used to pass on the bus to music school in kindergarten but I 'm not quite sure. That one had a giant mural next to it with cursive that read "Thank you Mr. Blackwell" underneath it. My friend and I, before we could read cursive, always thought the…

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