I Received Fair Feedback : My Experience Essay

1161 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Overall, I received fair feedback. Although I was able to hit most of the skills from each category there were a few that I missed from each. During the actual practice I was very focused on not messing up and hitting the key points. However, once I was finished and recapping over the session I realized both strengths I have developed and challenges I still need to work on. This experience showed me what I have have learned thus far in class and also what I still have to learn. From what I personally thought and from reviewing my notes that the observers took, a few of the strengths I found were as follows. The biggest strength I think that I have developed is my understanding skills. Throughout the semester and then again during the demonstration I constantly found myself reflecting on feelings and content. Another strength I believe I have developed further over the semester is my attending skills. Before this class I struggled a lot with eye contact. I also show my feelings on my face so facial expressions were a big issue for me as well.
However, with all the practice we have done I believe I have come a long way with these. I now do not find eye contact near as awkward; and showing my thoughts on my face have become minimal. One final strength I have noticed is my ability to determine the difference between empathy and sympathy. As a social worker we have talked about how important knowing the difference between these two are. These are a few of the things that I have…

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