I Prayed The Whole Way Down The Hall Essay examples

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We always assume tragedy won’t hit close to home. We read in newspapers, or watch on the news about someone getting killed, people going into the movies and shooting, or people getting these crazy sickness’ and passing away, but we never think any of that could happen to us, one of the people that we love. I never thought that any of that could have happened either. But for our senior class, it happened to one of our loved ones. I was climbing in to bed when I got the phone call that Tyler was diagnosed with the swine flu and admitted into ICU. I gathered everything, and my mom and I drove to the hospital. The drive seemed like it took forever to get there. As I walked down the long, dark, gloomy hall I thought to myself, “Why does this have to happen?” I prayed the whole way down the hall that this was all just a dream. About thirty-five of us were gathered into the small little space they call a waiting area outside the doors of ICU. As we waited for three of us to go in at a time to see him. As I watch the boy who was once so full of life lay there helpless with a machine breathing for him, I just broke down crying. A couple of days pass and he was still in there. I went up there almost every day. One day I left to go home and take a nap and go back to the hospital. While I was taking a nap, my phone started ringing and woke me up. I answered my phone, and the news on the other end of that phone was not the news I wanted to hear. He was gone. I screamed to the top of my…

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