I Looked Over At My Dad Essay

1251 Words Aug 21st, 2015 6 Pages
I looked over at my dad. The face I’d watched age day after day for as long as I can remember. We’d never spoken a word to one another but he was still my father. It was difficult growing up, and would probably be easier if I had pretended he was dead but it was a comfort to know he was looked after here. I’d long given up hope he’d wake up, writing letters to Santa, the tooth fairy, and wishing on every birthday as I blew out my candles that he’d just open his eyes, a smidgeon. He had posters of awful neon scribbles when I was a toddler, heard my noisy rebellious rock music during my awkward teen phase, tried on my mortar board after graduation and ‘met’ my then fiancée , now wife. If I could pinpoint the day I gave up hope he’d awake and magically recognise me, I’d have to say it was when he didn’t stir after hearing the almost newborn wail of his grand-daughter Susi. Nonetheless I spent much time here when I needed to think. What does one think about when they are in a Coma? Do they lose all consciousness? Can they hear you? I often poured my heart out to my dad. I wondered what he thought of, all these years, eyes shut with dignity and a strange near smile etched on his face. Sometimes I wondered if he’d ever wake up from the coma that put him in hospital but my mum was always adamant the life support machine would stay on, and I kept to that promise, even on her deathbed. She loved him very much, and him her, I guess, at least the faded ‘Clau’ tattoo on his bony arm…

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