Essay on I Learned A Lot Of Good

1048 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
In this semester I actually learned a lot of good that helped me to improve my skills in several ways. Before I take this class, I wasn’t actually able to write good essays. As a foreign student who had this amazing chance of studying here in The US, I have been always hoping to improve my English and especially my writing skills, and this class has definitely helped to do that. Now, my writing skills have been improved and I 'm able to write some really good pieces of writing. Through this class, I learned how to write different kinds of essays. Each of the essays that I wrote in this class, helped in a certain point. Throughout the semester, we wrote four essays, and as I said each one has its different idea. For example, the first essay we wrote, it was all about summarizing a story. In this essay, we were asked to read a story and then write a summery about it, by focusing on the important parts. The idea of writing a summary was actually so helpful because through this, we were able to improve both of our reading and writing skills. Writing summaries let us always read carefully in order to write a comprehensive summary. Also, from the instructions that we received from our instructor, we learned how a good summery should be like. One of the most important lessons that I learned through these helpful instructions is that a good summary doesn’t have to be long, the only important thing is that it covers all the significant parts of the story. In this same…

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