I Know You Don 't I? Essays

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He finally made it to his garage, she was still passed out in his backseat. Opening the door on the car made her jolt awake. She was quiet and trembling with fear. He didn’t say anything to her, he simply held out his hand offering to help her out of the car. She was weak and scared, but there was something familiar about him. “I know you don’t I?” “Yes.” His voice, she knew that voice from somewhere, but she couldn’t place it. She took his hand, allowing him to help her from the car. She stood for seconds before her legs gave out. He stopped her from hitting the floor. “Here, allow me.”
He lifted her into his arms. She the fear she felt left her body suddenly, she had never felt so safe. He carried her into his home, walking through a dimly lit hallway passed several doors. She couldn’t really see anything but she could tell that his home was very old, as though it had been the home to several others before him. After he placed her on a sofa in a living room, he took a few more steps and knelt down in front of the fireplace. A minute or two later, he had started a fire, and it seemed to light the room enough for her to look around.
She noticed that there were several paintings on the walls around them. They were real paintings, some portraits of people. She had never seen paintings like these anywhere else than in a museum. She looked back at him, he was still poking at the fire that he had just made.
“Is this your home?”
“Yes. You must be cold.”
He turned, making…

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