Essay on I Hear The Word Philosophy

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Philosophy: When I hear the word philosophy I think about thinking. If you would have asked me that same question before I took this class, I would tell you that Philosophy sounds like a super difficult class that is going to consist of your opinion. Philosophy is talking about how you think and your opinion, but it is also teaching you how to look at other people and figure out how they think. Not just what they think but where their views are coming from. This paper is about how we become someone else when we are taken out of our norm. When you are taken out of the society and are the only person thinking about yourself, everything changes. Your opinion of different topics change because no one is influencing you to think, you become more independent.
Through this course we have been challenged to read creative pieces that make us really think about society and how we view ourselves because of it. I have come to a realization that you do not even realize that you are being influenced because we have grown up in a world where you follow and think as others. One of the quotes that really stuck out to me was, “Be yourself! You are none of those things that you now do, think, and desire.” This makes you think and have hope, because even though you did something or you think something, does not mean that it makes who you are. We have the freedom to think what we want and to desire what we want, but in saying that the society has a huge impact on what we desire and what we…

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