I Have Many Complaints About My Fellow Fo's?

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In response to the documentation that was provided by XPO, I would like to clarify that response.
Statement of Facts Rebuttal
Xpo states that I had numerous complaints about my fellow FOS’s . I question that as to what documentation proves that I complained about “my fellow FOS’s? I had only valid complaints of the actions that occurred directing myself or that involved a matter that thoroughly involved a fellow FOS. Such as Being forced into a room by a fellow FOS Chris Donnelly, blocked from being able to leave the room, and being forced to walk in a truck yard at nearly midnight by myself. The other FOS Collin was causing issues between shifts and employees. After numerous complaints from employees, as a supervisor to rectify the issue
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It was actually by ASM Travis Hinkle which is above the FOS position who wrote me up in front of employees in a break room where everyone was to see. In contesting the validity of the write up and the professionalism it was revoked. That was the first series of complaints. The following scenario was taken very seriously because this subjected my safety. I immediately brought this forward to management and it was investigated. The statement that “it got heated” was because I felt threatened for my job and safety as I was threatened. I do not know of the discipline that occurred after this to the other party Chris Donnelly. He however was transferred out of the Hagerstown facility days after this …show more content…
I followed the open door policy and brought forward all complaints in written documentation to the best of my ability. When a complaint is written it is typically a formal complaint. It is the discretion of the manager to whom the compliant is brought forward to, to handle it in such manner. Before the investigation I had numerous complaints from excessive work load, unprofessionalism of discipline, my safety at risk, being accused of being too friendly to another female work (Angela), national guard, and excessive bathroom use. After I stated to Del that I wanted an investigation done is when my complaints were somewhat taken seriously, which is why they call this

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