Essay on I Have Learned A Lot About Myself

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While doing this activity I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned to understand my actions more and now pay more attention to how the feedback I get from others affects the way I react and change my behavior. This activity enabled me to think about how others might react to similar feedback. I also have learned the many things that I try to present myself as such as: intelligent, friendly, and fashionable. One very big way I want to present my self is as being intelligent. Since I was little I have done really well in school and enjoyed schoolwork, especially reading. I didn’t think much of it exceeding in school, until I started getting praise from teachers and other adults on my achievements. Since I have realized that I can get some respect and approval by coming off as intelligent/doing well in school, I have tried to do that. This not only raises my self confidence, but also pushes me to keep doing well. In high school I started procrastinating. I believe this was because since I didn’t have that many challenging courses in school, I tried to challenged myself and see if I could still do well by doing things last minute. In this activity I got multiple comments about my organization. Since college has started, I have had to be more organized and not procrastinate to keep the grades I want, but sometimes I still am not the best. I truly do love to learn and succeed in things I do, and being thought of as intelligent is just a bonus to me. Another thing…

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