Reflective Essay On Architecture

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I enjoyed writing for Assignment 2 Reflective Weblog. Even though the whole process is quite challenging for me, I believe that this experience will be really useful in future days. I think the biggest challenge is understanding a topic and form a strong opinion about it. Researching and a lot of reading is needed to understand the topic really well and then only I can form a strong opinion on that topic.
Time management is really important. Some topics require more reading and deeper understanding so I should have started writing for my assignment 2 earlier every week as the whole writing process takes longer to finish. In a few posts, gaining a deeper understanding is difficult, resulting in fair writing performance.
Writing comments is
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My response to the materials is still on basic level. I think that I should read more on the topics I learnt to understand better so that I can apply the knowledge and understanding I gained through the process in my other design courses.


In conclusion, all information that I learnt throughout this course is extremely important for me to carry on with my architecture school learning experience. I believe that this course taught me the crucial fundamental of architecture and
I also learnt many new skills and has improved my writing overall. I learnt the research skill which is really important in my academic writing that I have to produce at university level. These skills can be apply in my future assignments.
My plan is to continue learning more about the design history and theory on my own. I have to read more books to gain more knowledge. Other than that, I should have more discussion with my friends about architecture so that I can learn more from their perspectives.
Overall, I am satisfied with the whole learning process. There are still lot of rooms for improvement and I believe that I’ll write better in

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