Shape Project Reflection

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My experience in the passport project has shaped my understanding of learning and creativity by helping me to have insight into myself and my learning, to learn to overcome challenges, to set goals to reach certain targets, to think ahead to the future, to research efficiently and to find people and artists that inspire me. All of these things have greatly benefited me over the term and a bit that we completed our project because of the impacts that it has on me in my everyday life. I am finding that I am becoming more organised and willing to learn on my own accord rather than by being told exactly what to do by a teacher because of this project because I feel like I have been trusted to work well and responsibly. I enjoy this style of learning immensely because it gives me the freedom to work in a way that suites me whilst helping to shape my understanding of learning and creativity.

Over the duration of our project, I have gradually gained more of an insight into myself and my learning. I found out that I really enjoy working as a group and that I do not need a massive amount of direction from a teacher once I
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All of these things are very valuable to my learning because of the way they teach me more about how I learn and what I need to do to continue to learn in a fun and interesting way. I enjoyed completing this project because I did not feel restricted by the opinions of teachers and by information that was thrown at us. I feel like being able to learn in a way that suits me is so much better that traditional teaching methods because it helps me to develop and shape my understanding of learning and creativity through my

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