I Have Always Enjoyed A Challenge Essay

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I have always enjoyed a challenge. It gives me the opportunity to discover something new about myself. It started when I was chosen to represent my school in the city’s math Olympiad. Later on, the challenges continued when I had to represent Albania in an international math project Olympiad. Yes, there were challenges, but I was still in my comfort zone. I owned math. Yet my biggest challenge was when I moved to the states at the age of 18 to study, and I completed my college degree in 4.5 years. I transferred two different times before graduating from NYU-Poly and I took a gap of 1.5 year to support myself financially.
Throughout my college years, I had multiple jobs that ranged from tutor, custodian, salesperson, and finally working for the DOT with my civil engineering degree. That was a very rewarding experience. I was part of the steel installation team where we had to supervise contractors and issue payments. Besides giving me vital field experience, this position taught me the importance of team work. Every aspect of this experience helped me to develop as an individual with an “I can do it” mindset. The most stimulating position that allowed me to grow was as a trial associate through GOLD program in Con Edison. I was part of this 18-month journey that included three different six month rotations. At the end of each rotation, I had to present in front of a panel consisting of managers and general managers before starting the next rotation. During those rotations,…

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