I Have Always Been Surrounded By Conflict Essay

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I have always been surrounded by conflict. As a child, my parents fought over the smallest of things, like who forgot to water the plants or who left the washing machine on for too long. Occasionally, they would even lash out on me and my brother Kaiba. It definitely took an emotional toll on the both of us. Even so, Kaiba would always try to comfort me. He would say that even though our parents get mad, they still love us. Kaiba Raikan was a pretty small kid with short, black hair and brown eyes. Even though he 's my twin brother, it felt like he was much older. He was always able to calm me down whenever I was in a tough situation or was having one of my usual temper tantrums. He was always able to easily read what I was thinking or feeling, while my parents were completely clueless on why I acted the way I did.

I 'm Teiko Raikan. At the time, I had long black hair that reached just above my waist, and straight bangs. My brother and I share the same round hazel eyes, which other people adored. I 've had a short temper for the longest time, but somehow, my brother was always able to pacify it. Unfortunately, I wasn 't as good as he was when it came to calming people down.

One night, when me and Kaiba were about eight, our dad came home from work later than usual, and Kaiba was about to greet him as always. Instead of replying with the usual "Hey," though; he completely ignored his greeting and yelled at him for making a mess in the house. I had no idea what he was…

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