I Have A Clinical Depression Essay

1088 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
I have a clinical depression.
I believe depression exists long time ago; however, people at that time did not have the knowledge of it. As time passes, people start to know what depression is and its potential symptoms. I think people have more awareness and knowledge to know the word “depression.”. Depression is not only a state of being sad, but also a disease that conquers the ability to feel emotions, whether good or bad. Depression not only involves the mind, but also it involves the body and thoughts. We can separate it to different levels. Sometimes I feel English is so poor because we can only use “depression” to describe that kind of complex feeling or a disease. In this modern society, there are still many people who do not understand what depression is. I believe the scariest part of depression is the misunderstanding of this kind of disease which caused the false treatment so I think we should all start to understand depression thoroughly. In the future, this gives us the opportunity to avoid depression or get recovered from depression.
I had suffered from depression when I was 15. I found myself becoming more and more autistic under the domestic violence of my father. I stopped hanging out my friends, instead, I spent long hours alone. I was unable to handle the darkness of the night as I would have panic attack. I felt like there were no final endings until my math teacher noticed my abnormal behaviors and decided to take me to a therapist. Fortunately, it was…

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