I Gathered Myself At Church Of God Essay

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I gathered myself in church Sunday morning. I was anxious to participate in a religious ritual that is not from my own tradition. The particular Church that I attended Sunday morning was the Beulah United Church of God. However the Sunday I attended was a Youth Day. Youth Sunday is the first Sunday out of the month, which according to the tradition of the church when young people should have a relationship with God.Youth Day provides a form of support for young people who desire to get more tuned into their spirituality. Also, by using their creative talents, and abilities it attracts youths to come. How you know ? The youth who attend have an opportunity to honor God, as well as build closer bonds with the congregation.

Upon entering the church visitors are given a pew sheet, which includes the content of the day 's service. As the usher escorted me to my seat, I noticed there was complete silence as the visitors prepared for the church service to begins. All visitors and members are seated in rows There are 10-12 rows of seats (benches) on each side. There is a walking area between the two separate rows. Each row holds about 5-6 people. As the service began I note there were a lot of people who attended that morning service such as elderly people, but mostly teenage kids.

Before the ceremony began everyone started a little prayer. The Members thank God and to ask for his help in matters of concern .At that time a young men who is an assistant to the Pastor,…

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