The Rise Of Christianity

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In today’s society Christianity is the largest religion with over two billion followers that come from hundreds of Christian dominations. Christianity was started from the Jewish religion, as Jesus and his twelve disciples were Jews. Christianity is based on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was the messiah that was mentioned in the Old Testament and that he was to come to save mankind from their sins. The religion of Christianity spiked years after Christ was crucified. In this paper, I will discuss the reasons why Christianity flourished as a religion and how it has a huge impact on all of us today. The first reason I believe helped spread Christianity deals with the role women had during …show more content…
Throughout the Gospel Jesus Christ shared his love for others including caring for the sick, widows, and poor. In chapter 5 of Matthew Jesus teaches us the Beatitudes at the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus had many messages while he was delivering the sermon on the mount but the main message I got from it was that he was there for the poor. Before Christ, the poor did not have a spot in society. The poor were treated very bad and they did not have a voice in society. Jesus changed this and he would often stop his sermons or teachings to help out the poor or sick. In the Beatitudes Jesus reminds everyone what could happen to them if they live their lives certain ways. The first beatitude that Jesus shares is “ Blessed are the poor in spirit so theirs is the kingdom of God.” This beatitude means that those who have low self esteem issues or do not love themselves will be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven. The second beatitude says blessed are the meek for they shall posses the land. The meek are people who are poor and week and they can not afford much in life. Instead of continuing that when they pass, Jesus gives the meek hope. The hope that they will be welcomed into the kingdom of God. The Beatitudes have a very strong message in the Christianity religion. It was the first sign that everyone is welcomed into the kingdom of God. This message was a turning point for many followers because they felt like they were accepted by

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