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Contributions to the Spread of Christianity During the Western Civilization Rational

There were many different contributions that spread the religion of Christianity during the Western Civilization. First, the accomplishments of the Hebrews, later recognized as the Jews, helped in spreading Christianity as a religion during the Western Civilization, which was also considered the earliest known civilization (36-38). These different contributions that are mentioned in the Power Point begin from 1250-150 B.C. and last through 5-67 A.D. Each one of these contributions are extremely important to the religion of Christianity of today as without them, Christianity might not be a religion or it might not be the religion that we know it is today. Secondly, during 150-220 A.D., several different individuals helped spread the word of Christianity (180). Lastly, during 5-67 A.D., with the help of Saint Paul, Christianity grew tremendously (176).
First, around 1250-150 B.C., the Hebrew people did a lot to contribute to the spread of Christianity. The Hebrew people felt as if God gave everyone the freedom to choose their own actions. Because of the Hebrews’ beliefs on this specific matter, they felt that individuals made their own decisions. The Hebrews also felt that the decisions that the
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Saint Paul did an abundant of things to spread the word of God, specifically Christianity. Foremost, Saint Paul helped clarify the difference between Christianity and Judaism, as few individuals were able to distinguish the difference between the two religions. Saint Paul was also able to interest Christianity to the Greco-Romans. Finally, Saint Paul helped grow Christianity in the Roman Empire. Once Christianity grew in the Roman Empire, it was then the official religion, making this the utmost important aspect of Saint Paul’s help of contribution of spreading Christianity

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