I Enjoyed The Movie, Waiting For Superman Essay

777 Words Sep 15th, 2014 4 Pages
I enjoyed the movie, Waiting for Superman. It made me think a lot about the future, both as a teacher and parent. Growing up, I never thought much about other schools or how they could make or break a childs’ future. Watching this movie made me think about how lucky I was to grow up and receive a good education. I went to a private school from kindergarten through eighth grade because my dad taught at the school. Even though there was a public school right across from our private one, I never thought that their education could be worse or better than ours. As a child, I assumed that all schools were equal and everyone learned the same. I knew that as a private school, we had to follow more rules and that our teachers might have been a little harder than theirs. However, when they compared the difference between private and public schools in the movie, it really made me thankful for my education. I know that not all of the public school have bad teachers like they did in the movies, but it shocked me at how little some of those teachers did. What amazed me even more was that the school districts could not fire those teachers. I knew tenured protected you from being laid off, but I thought that you could still be fired if you did something wrong. In my opinion, I think that teachers that are not doing a good job should be able to be fired, even if they are tenured. Watching this movie also made me thankful that I grew up in Minnesota. I know that Minnesota has one of the…

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