I Don 't Have A Choice Essay

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“This month you will have to go to California to track down a bomber,” the chief stated. On the outside Penny Baker acted calm and relaxed, but on the inside she was going crazy. “California! I could be away from home for at least two weeks! I’ve never been away from Steve that long before! And I don’t want to start now,” she thought.
“No problem chief! You can count on me.” she proudly commented. Then came the bad part, telling her boyfriend, Steve. When she finally got home, Steve was waiting for her on the couch. She sat down next to him and he asked her,
“So what’s your new assignment, Penny?”
“A bomber.” she replied hesitantly.
“Where?” he questioned once again.
“California,” she said quietly hoping he would not hear.
“CALIFORNIA?” He screamed.
“I don’t have a choice! This job is the only thing keeping us in this apartment!” Her eyes started to water. He pulled her in tight and said calmly,
“Go. I understand, Penny. I’ll be counting down the seconds until you get home. I know your twenty second birthday’s tomorrow, which is why when you get back we are going to have a big party because you are a strong, brave, and fearless woman, and you deserve to be celebrated,” he whispered, wrapping her in a blanket of love. The next morning she struggled through the boarding process at the airport. Once she finally got to her seat she thought to herself,
“There’s something really strange about that man next to me. Man! What is it? Ugh. This is going to drive me crazy…

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