Essay about I Departed For United States Marine Corps

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July 11, 2011. I departed for United States Marine Corps boot camp at Marine Corps Depot San Diego, California. The events I went through are the toughest moments I have ever encountered in my twenty-one years. Discipline; this word eluded me throughout the beginning stages of my life until that first day I stepped onto those yellow footprints. Yelling, organization and speed were constantly the instructor’s purpose. We would walk in a formation with 92 other recruits, while in sync and conduct rifle manual as we marched. Left shoulder arms to port arms and so on until we were as perfect as it gets. We would have inspections in formation that required the recruits to stand at attention for hours while every recruit was examined for any minor discrepancies. Whether it is for not remembering basic Marine Corps knowledge or for having a smudge of dirt on our fatigues, perfection was striven for throughout the evolution to becoming a Marine. Steps were taken to slowly transform each and every Marine from the ignorant civilians we were to the completely disciplined Marines that all of our instructors intended us to be. The day I officially became a Marine is a day I will never forget. October 7, 2011. I never really anticipated the feeling that would come when I received my eagle, globe and anchor but I can tell you now it is my proudest moment to date. When Staff Sergeant Anwar handed me the EGA I became a little emotional. I completed the most difficult tasks that I have ever…

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