I Decided The Niyama I Will Be Practicing For The Next Two Weeks

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Journal 1

Yesterday, I decided the niyama I will be practicing for the next two weeks is saucha. I chose this because I know I need to eat healthier, but I also don’t want to diet because once the diet is over, I’m back to the same old bad habits. I’m hoping this general cleanse will get me on the right path to healthy eating not just for these two weeks but for the rest of my life. Also, after going on Kairos, I know that I should try to refrain from judgements and keep pure thoughts, because mean and negative thoughts are normally wrong and don’t get me anywhere. Since I’m only on day two, I can’t really say I’ve gotten anywhere. I think I need to set some guidelines for myself so this can be more structured and easy to follow.
Journal 2
Weekends are typically hard for me when it comes to eating healthy. I think as I’ve gotten older, eating has become more of a social thing. So on weekends, normally my friends and I choose to go out to dinner, or get ice cream, and so on. When I went out to dinner yesterday night, I tried picking something healthy out on the menu. The only healthy items were salads, and being the picky eater I am, I don’t like salads. So one guideline I decided to pick out was to only eat out once a week. This way I’m not completely cutting a yummy meal out of my life, because I know doing something like that can eventually lead to failure. I also decided I’m going to try and drink water and water only.
Journal 3 Well, only drinking water…

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