I And My Friends Attended The Workshop Hosted By Professor Battista Hancock

709 Words Nov 1st, 2015 3 Pages
On Wednesday, I and my friends attended the workshop hosted by Professor Battista-Hancock. During the workshop, we used some instruments and our hands made many catchy rhythms. Also we together wrote a song talking about friendship. It was a very interesting experience. This workshop helped me notice the importance of integration of nature as well as how music can make a change of one’s mind. At first, we were asked to follow the beats given by professor with our hands. It is so surprising that we made the sound so harmonic. It is the first time that I met most people in workshop, however, we successfully perform the symphony together in the first trial. After that, professor gave some simple instruments for us to play with, for example the tambourine, claves and the triangle. With the help of instruments, we added more variety of sounds to the beats. The music became more and more interesting and inspiring. Using these simple instruments to make the sound remind me of how our ancestors accidentally discovered that sound can be used as amusement rather than warning. A little melody can have the power of calming and relaxing. Nowadays, lots of musicians use electronic studio rather than real instruments to write songs. There is no doubt that these modern devices are very convenient and efficient except that the whole process of making songs are shortened. In other words, less effort is needed in creation and fewer great pieces of songs came to the world comparing to…

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