I Am The Guy Who Has Been Part Of The Company Long Before Anyone That Is Here Today

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1 There is a guy like me at every large corporation in America, I’m the guy who has been part of the company long before anyone that is here today. Slowing making his way through the ranks and working behind the scenes on the 2 mill side of the business.
I was hired by 3 U.S Steel Ind. back when I was twenty-five. U.S Steel is a place for the prisoners whose paroles been made over at the Rolling Hills prison. The prison sets them up with a job and a halfway house. I’ve seen dozens of guys come through these halls, each one as depressed as the last one, except 4 Joe, he was different.
5 When Joe came to U.S Steel nearly nineteen years ago, he was twenty five years old. He was a short, bearded little man with brown hair and bright eyes as blue as the pacific ocean. His beard was always well kept and evenly trimmed. On the outside Joe was a banker of a large Chicago bank. Good work for a man as young as he was.
Joe joined us while 6 John was in charge, John was a man of god, his office walls filled with bible quotes and he was always able to weave a quote from the holy book into any conversation. Joe met John during the MNM. Mandatory newcomers meetings are when the boss and incoming ex prisoners talk for an hour or two, that gives the boss an idea of each of his workers and who they are as a person. However I believe that it gives the boss the ability to size up each and every worker for his own reasons.
Joe had a quiet way about him, he didn’t say much of anything, in…

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