I Am The First Person Essay

805 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
I am the first person in my family to seek higher education. Majority of my family, roughly 75%, have never been educated past a basic high school education. My father has a few certifications specific to his field of work, fiber-optic technology. My mother went to Ball State for a brief time, but ended up being a housewife instead. She wasn’t really interested in college; her grades were poor when she attended. Perhaps she picked the wrong major, but she is content with not going back. Despite the fact I never finished high school, I wanted to continue my education. I worked my butt off and got my GED, General Education Diploma, around same time my class was scheduled to graduate (2013). I paid for this on my own. After a few months of working full-time and getting my financial stability established, I started off in a familiar place after I finished my GED. I looked into some certifications. My father had some, my uncle did too; why couldn’t I? I found a local program in an office named WorkOne. This office was designed around helping people find work and getting education. Due to the fact I funded my own GED education, I qualified for a program to get a plethora of certifications for free from this office and the state of Indiana. I chose the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification. Choosing this certification was an easy task; I have always had a big heart. My mother always used to say this quote to me, “Leave people better than you found them, and you will make…

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