I Am On My First Chemotherapy Essay

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It is January of 2005, and I am on my way to Columbus for my first chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of last year. My two sons, Jeff and Jason are coming with me. Jeff driving, Jason sitting in the passenger seat and I 'm in the back seat of the 2002 GMC Envoy. I glance out the window and watch as we pass the Shoe. It is chilly outside and the winds were powerful on this winter day, snows covering the trees and the ground, it’s a beautiful sight of a winter wonderland. I’m warm in my cozy knitted sweater I made for myself a few months ago, it’s one of my favorites. I can feel the warm air blowing onto my feet from the heater. We are on our way to the James Center, where I 'm receiving my treatment.
A month ago I got my results back saying the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and I would need to start chemotherapy. When Dr. Janelston told me the news I was so nervous because I did not know what to expect. I remember sitting on the hospital bed at Genesis back in Zanesville, I had so many thoughts running through my mind on that day about what might happen to me and they’ve only grown since.
As we pulled into the parking lot of the James Center my nerves begin to grow more and more. I get out of the car and walk inside. Most of the James Center was clear glass. It had all glass windows and a small portion of the building was made of brown bricks.
A nurse appears saying, “What did you do bring your body guards with you?”
I laugh and respond,…

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