I Am My First Day At My New School Essay

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In 1999, my mom and I moved to the States from Jamaica to live with her mother in Baltimore, Maryland. Since, Jamaica is an English speaking country I did not have a problem understanding the language spoken in the States. However, I had problems with Americans understanding me. Even though, I spoke English as a Jamaican, I also spoke with a dialect called Patwa. Patwa is known as broken English. Jamaicans will use sentences into their individual words, for example Jamaicans will say “Frah wha” but when compared to Americans they will say “from what.” Some words are changed while some alphabets are being added or taken out in speaking Patwa. I had problems pronouncing the letters h, er, and t. Most common miss pronunciation amongst Jamaicans would be tree vs three.
During this transitional period of my life I was in the fifth grade and majority of my time was focused on play and school. I remembered my first day at my new school my teacher handed me a paper to take home to my parents. They told me to have my parents read over it and signed it then returned it back to them. I didn’t know what it was for or what it was about. After getting home that afternoon I handed my grandmother the paper that my teacher gave me and she became furious. She explained to me that my teachers wanted my parents to sign up me for Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL) class. This is a class for foreign students who do not speak English. Knowing that English is my first language we all…

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