Essay about I Am Lucky, Crazy Lucky

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I 'm lucky, crazy lucky. To be living a dream, to have found it so young, for it to be afforded by hard work and minimum wage, to be healthy, and to have hiked so many miles, with such great people, it 's more then anyone deserves. All I can do is soak it up, learn from my blessings, and become better through them. After three months on the trail the daily routine becomes monotonous. It becomes easy to overlook beauty, to put my headphones in, my head down, and walk right by the greatness around me. If I 'm not careful, I 'll become desensitized to the wild flowers, the trees and even the mountains themselves. I believe appreciation is a virtue, it can be trained to find beauty anywhere, or in apathy lost entirely. Some days I don 't feel like hiking, I 've had enough. Other days I ask myself how I could ever get tired of this life. Moments of magic remind me how lucky I am to be able to be trudging through the green tunnel, exhausted and hungry. I 've spent a lot of time this month on the Montana/Idaho border, it 's over 400 miles long. The state line is the Continental Divide. Rarely maintained by trail crews, it 's an overgrown and understated section of trail. Getting lost, crawling over fallen trees and pushing through knee deep brush are common activities. The trail actually stays directly on the Divide, this makes for what we call PUDs. (pointless ups and downs) I know that I 'm not the only one who 's felt the extra elevation change, the others in…

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