Essay about I Am From Field This Year ( Fall & Spring )

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How have you grown personally and professionally from field this year (fall & spring)?

Personally, I have grown by living in the here and now, enjoying the present moment. In the fall, I was more focused on getting to the end of my master’s career, but I understood the experience of learning, interacting with friends, and the “whole” school experience would not be obtained again. I search my soul to understand how to live in the “moment” while still planning for the future. I begin to understand this process when I began individual therapy. I wanted to give that person my undivided attention, my professionalism, and my social work competencies and experiences. I begin to understand and feel that “place” within myself. I believe I was scared, I had the person’s life in my hand, and God made me responsible for a soul for 60 minutes to offer the best of myself. In the spring, the newness blossoms, and I felt the process is second nature. I cut off the external environment and turn on with the client to apply treatment goals.
What have you learned about your client population and/or client system? What theories, perspectives, and/or frameworks have guided your practice this year?

DVO groups- I have learned that all people make mistakes, and with the necessary information people can change. I understand how Social Learning applies to violence. The child that is raised in violence more than likely will perpetrate that violence towards someone else. I learned that you “do”…

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