I Am An English Major Essay

2068 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
I am an English major, and I absolutely, positively, hate writing essays. It has often been suggested to me that since I have such a strong opposition to the task, perhaps I should elect to change majors, and while those people do make a good point, the idea of carefully presenting my ideas in a concise, organized manner has yet to seem revolting enough to make me back down. See, trudging through unpleasant situations is my only talent, a talent that was necessary to have when I was a candidate for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. That is not to say that International Baccalaureate English classes were miserable. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed dedicating a year of my life to poetry, but it was miserable to have every single essay marked down because of convolution. That convolution could easily be blamed on fiction. For a long time, I believed that writing an analytical essay should be akin to writing a short story, so the moment I left middle school, I abandoned the five-paragraph essay, scoffing at one-size-fits-all structures and formatting my essays however I pleased. That mindset stuck with me until college, when I realized that I was not a convoluted writer in the way of a scientific genius, but in the way of a person with poor communication skills. My mind has always been peacefully chaotic. Thoughts come through it at a slow pace, but they are as confusing as anything, not even having the decency to be in the form of words, instead leaving me to decipher what…

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