Essay about I Am An Auditory Learner

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Everybody actually has their different learning style. If you use a suitable learning style, the speed of your brain work will become much quicker and better than you use a wrong learning style. So people should know what their learning style is. You might have a special learning style, but that does not matter. Just do what you want. You can divided learning style into three different types: visual, auditory and physical. Students should know themselves and find the most useful learning style by themselves. Actually, before I was tested by the VAK Learning Style Indicators, I think I am an auditory learner. As I have expected, the test result showed that I am a totally auditory learner. I am an auditory learner because when I want to learn something with teacher, I usually focus on their voice, what they are talking about and their pronunciation. For example, I always listen English music, when I listen to English music, I always think about the lyrics and pay attention to the pronunciation of those singers. Usually, I love to guess the meaning of songs and think about why the singers are creating and who they are creating for; also I love to search some information about those songs to get the answers. So I can use this learning style when I take a break in school or when I stay at home. And I love to use my pen and paper to write draft. Before my speech I write down my speech draft because when I finish I will remember it very clearly. That is super helpful because write…

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