I Am About How My Baby Brother Was Born Essay

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I will be talking about how my baby brother was born. He has given me the strength to work hard and go through the struggle of college. When he was born seven months ago, I knew I had an indescribable love for him. So, my paper will be about the day that he was born and the struggle that I went through to get to him. I was in church one Sunday morning, and when it was over; I got a text from dad. It read; “ Beth (My Stepmother) has given birth to my brother.” When I read that, I was in shock. I knew that she has been pregnant, but it hasn’t hit me until then. My stepbrother (Matthew) was also at church that morning, and I told him about his mother. He had the biggest grin on the face when I told him the news. I wasn’t that excited; I was terrified to meet him. So, Matt and I drove to the hospital to seem our new brother. The drive to the hospital seemed like it would not end. The car ride there felt like an eternity, due to the fact that I was scared to death. This kid would be my first biological brother; I didn’t know what to think, I have never been in a situation like this. Matt has four other siblings, so he knew how the “sibling” thing played out. I thought Matthew was excited but he didn’t talk the whole ride there so now, I wasn’t sure how he was feeling. I was thinking about horrible scenarios like: “What if I drop him?” or “What if this and what if that?” a bolt of nervousness just shot through my body and I could actually feel it. During the ride, it was…

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