A Sansoucy: A Brief Summary

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Inside a large hospital room in Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital of Plymouth, tear-streaked family members gathered around their bedridden and severely ill loved one, Andre Sansoucy. The darkening sky, that peeked through the narrow windows showcased that the painful day of November 28th, 2014 was coming to a close. Of those gathered were Jessica Sansoucy, A. Sansoucy’s daughter and James Mongello, her fiance. The couple had spent the last few weeks hastily planning a wedding in the hopes that A. Sansoucy would be able to walk his eldest daughter down the aisle. However, A. Sansoucy’s rapid health decline forced the duo to relinquish their dream. All wedding planning was postponed in order to spend A. Sansoucy’s last few days on the Earth in the presence of his family. However, A. Sansoucy would not have any part in this cancelation. After zoning in and out of consciousness all day, at around 8:00 that night, A. Sansoucy suddenly became fully alert. At the time, J. Sansoucy was standing by his bed in despair asking, “What are you waiting for Dad?” She wasn’t sure if she would even receive an answer.
“Your vows” he replied.
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Sansoucy was diagnosed with sarcoma, a cancer that develops in certain tissues like bone or muscle. Though rare in comparison to other cancers, approximately 4,870 adults and children (2,600 males and 2,270 females) were predicted to die from sarcoma this year. The five year survival rate (percentage of individuals who live at least five years after diagnosis) for this serious disease depends on the location of the tumors. Localized sarcomas are given an 83% five-year survival rate while regional stage sarcomas are given 43%, and sarcomas that have spread to distant body areas are given only a 16% five-year survival rate. (Cancer.Net Editorial Board). A. Sansoucy’s sarcoma was

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