I Am A Young Boy Essay

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As a young boy, I always loved to play sports, going outside with my father either kicking a football, throwing a tennis ball, or shooting some hoops. Sport for me is a way to express myself. At the age of 4 I learnt how to ride a bike, taught by my sister in a caravan park named “Cairns Coconut” In our family of five, I have an identical twin named Matthew and a Sister named Sarah. A place which sticks in our family’s heart is Port Elliot Caravan Park. I have been going to there for 15 years, over those 15 years I have made many friends, one of the family’s that we have kept a close relationship with is the Haydon’s. They have been going for the same amount of time as we have been.

At the age of 11 I was juggling 5 sports at once, these sports included of Table Tennis, Tennis, Cricket, Football, and basketball. Playing all these sports created big problems with school, as I didn’t have time to get school work done because of all the training involved in the playing sports. Reaching 13 I realised I needed to make a decision for which sport I continue on with, and that was basketball. I joined the district league, this league was a lot higher level of basketball, creating a challenge for me. Forestville Eagles was the club that my Dad joined at his age. I started in under 12’s only attending the trainings, as my level of play wasn’t higher enough at that time. Following the next season, I moved up to under 14’s, I was placed in division 6, the lowest division possible. I…

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