I Am A Special Education Teacher Essay

703 Words Oct 8th, 2015 3 Pages
Dr. Steve Maraboli once said, “Smile at a stranger and you might just change a life.” School is the perfect place to do this; from the very first day of kindergarten, not knowing anyone is pretty scary and making friends can be very intimidating. Smiling at a stranger helped me. By doing this, I met my friend, Evan, whom I still have to this day. I have learned many things from knowing him for so long, such as: he has Downs Syndrome, he loves pizza, his favorite color is red, and he loves to make people smile and laugh. Meeting Evan positively changed the course of my life because it taught me not to be prejudice, the importance of being a volunteer, and has lead me to wanting to be a Special Education teacher. The most important thing that this friendship taught me was not to be prejudice. When I first met Evan I did not know that he had a disability, and when I found out it did not change the way I looked at him or the way that I treated him. People have a preconceived idea that someone with a disability cannot do something, but they can, just in a different way. People do not think disabled children can play sports, but I have witnessed children with disabilities play a game they love. An organization that is making this possible is the Miracle League of Plymouth, which is a baseball league for children of all ages with disabilities. The kids are able to bat, run the bases and play different positions. Another thing that I have learned would be the importance of…

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