I Am A Member Of The Snu Teacher Education Program Essay

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To be a member of the SNU Teacher Education Program, one has to know the Conceptual Framework inside and out. The Conceptual Framework is a “building” that represents each teacher candidate as become a Professional Decision Maker. In the illustration of the Conceptual Framework, there are four steps at the bottom of the building. These four steps represent the foundational nature of the program which are: SNU, general education, specialization, and professional education. Above these steps are the pillars. The pillars represent specific characteristics of the program and candidates. At the top of the building is what the candidate should accomplish when ready to graduate from this program, which is to be a “life-long learner”. Then they are ready to become a Professional Decision Maker. In this paper, I will be describing how I interpret the Conceptual Framework and how it applies to my own experience in the SNU Teacher Education Program.
The first step of the Conceptual Framework is SNU, also known as the “Christian base”. This step has three core values incorporated in SNU’s mission. These three values are character, culture, and Christ. This statement is one of the ways that SNU has shaped my thinking of become a professional decision maker. The mission statement is exactly what I believe a teacher or any other student would want to acquire. The second way that SNU has shaped my thinking is that before each class, the teachers open up in prayer. This shows me how our…

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