Essay on I Am A Little Bitter Sweet

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Reflecting back on everything we have read and learned so far this semester has been a little bitter sweet. I am sure that I am not alone when I say this has been a humbling experience, putting my marriage under a microscope looking for ways to improve it. No one likes to hear that they are doing something wrong much less that their actions could lead to the demise of their marriage and hurt their spouse. In the beginning of this class I felt I had a rock solid marriage, and I do, but I walk away with tools to keep it on a solid foundation. The best thing I can do to improve my marriage is to treat my husband with a Christ-like love. If I could look at him and see him the way our Heavenly Father sees him many of the little irritants would cease all together. Something Goddard talked about that has become my new mantra in life is that when we focus on fixing ourselves and love our spouses they grow. I really like that because it covers so much ground. Instead of focusing on the annoying habits my husband has, I should be focusing on his good traits, seeing him through Christ-like love colored glasses. Marriage is the graduate school of life as Goddard puts it. It is supposed to be hard and to make us each better together. Something Gottman said really stuck with me while I continued reading his book. He said, "...they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other from overwhelming their positive ones." It might sound like an…

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