I Am A Great Thing Essay

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“Beach Reach is going to be a great thing. We plan to make a trip to Florida and spread faith!” Pastor Mark said enthusiastically. “You never know whose life you could change. We’ll be there during spring break, and there will be a lot of partiers there. If anything, we could save one drunk kid from doing something stupid.” “We even hand out fliers for free pancakes and stickers,” Danny added. Danny was a black man with dreads who, in my opinion, resembled the rapper T-pain. He was a character, but he had the kindest heart, and best of all, was hilarious. “So who’s all in by a show of hands?” Pastor Mark asked. My hand shot up in the air quicker than I expected it to. It turned out to be the wildest trip of my life.

A week later I was packing my bags and preparing to head out on the road. There was about thirty of us going and we were driving in vans. I loved road trips, but going from Ohio to Florida was going to be long and dreadful. I wasn’t complaining though. It was going to be a blessing to get out of the wind tunnel that is Bowling Green State University. It was going to be my first big trip as a college student.
We took turns driving. The freeway was pretty empty for the most part. When we were a little more than halfway through the drive, we stopped at a resturant to eat.
It was a southern restaurant. Fin’s Diner was supposed to be well known for their seafood. I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days. I ordered their special, the fish. Everyone else pretty…

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