I Am A Doctor 's Office Essay

1153 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
States and college campuses across the country, including Metropolitan State University of Denver, have been increasingly requiring students to either enroll in plans provided by the school or provide proof of outside coverage as a requirement of admission. I don’t visit the doctor very often. It’s funny, we refer to “THE” doctor like it is some faceless omnipresent entity. So let me rephrase: I haven’t visited a doctor in years. For one, I’m rarely sick and I haven’t had any major injuries save for a few broken bones when I was younger. Secondly, and honestly the majority reason, I’ve not visited a doctor’s office in years is because I have been uninsured since falling from my parents policies after graduating high school. Some may look at me and ask why or call me crazy but it all comes down to simple choice. I’ve never purchased insurance because I haven’t felt the need for it. I’m not saying I’m in the best shape or the healthiest person on the planet, but, again, the need to visit a doctor has been virtually non-existent to this point in my life. Why would I purchase a good or service just to have it sit on the shelf, un-used and not cared about? That is exactly the freedom of choice and freedom from commerce I enjoy as an American. It is my intention to explore why this could ultimately be detrimental to students and institutions of higher learning. I would first like to point out that I’m not here to argue politics. With the passing of the Affordable Care…

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