I Am A Doctor For My Mom Essay

1279 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
She was the beat He was the Drum
When I was growing up, my dad was the drum, my mom was the beat, and having those two people by my side and seeing what they did with their life 's made me want to do better and more. I didn 't know what I wanted to do when I was in college, but my mom died from breast cancer when I was five years old. She had clogged arteries that boosted me to go to college to become a surgical doctor for hearts. I just feel like I 'm closer to her,and I couldn 't help her when she was sick, but I feel like I can help others. When my mom died,my dad was a single parent, and it 's hard taking care of three kids. I needed to go get a job to pay back the things he did, and to get a good job I need a college degree. I wanted to become a surgeon because I felt like being closer to my mom. The pain of others in addition to helping them take that extra step to live a little longer, to brighten up their day up a little faster, to make that grin grow a little longer. My parents always taught me self motivation and how to overcome the obstacles in life. Having them in my life supporting me made me over come my fear of giving up because they were there every step of the way. It made me change my mind set of having my fear and having the motivation in stepping up that ladder and them being there to make sure I don 't fall. When I was in elementary school,my mom was a nurse,and it was hard for her to pass tests to know the biggest and hardest words like…

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